The Wiki of Oric the Awesome
Class Nature's Pupil
TierZero Active:Druid's Bulwark- Casts five Bulwarks, each gives 1 DR and can be popped. The Bulwarks can be upgraded

Passive:Absorbs Earth Damage

TierOne Active:Photorestomeditation- Heals 2d4 damage to Self

Passive:Casts Constranglement when hit(50% chance)

TierTwo Active:Dominant Voice-Unknown Ability

Passive:Glows in the Dark

TierThree Active: Gaia Transposition-Unknown Ability

Passive-Unaffected by Negative Terrain

TierFour Active:False God-Unknown Ability

Passive:50% cost reduction to all Class Spells

Soul Star Illborn Exchange: Can turn an Illborn into a corpse and corresponding essence, can turn an essence and corpse of owner into a functioning Illborn
Second Shift 1d4 Earth Damage

Last Seraph's Lifeline(second)-Unknown Function

Al is the second Party Member aqcuired during the Adventure, in Chapter 1. He was recruited via a successful roll. He is largely a mysterious character, with several hints that he is somehow connected to the Last Seraphim, the Angels, Chief, and Cain. He is also a vampire, with the corresponding Vampiric rubric. However, he has only once been seen drinking blood, from the corpse of Ciro. He is also the foster dad of Cherish.


Al entered the Warrens along with Wilford at an unspecified point in the past. He found the dungeon that is presumably the Warrens after hearing a cry of help, which is thought to have been from the Last Seraphim. He made it to Underside, where he was employed as a guard, presumably by Chief. Evidently, he has something of a vendetta against Chief, though it's unknown what this might be. He stayed as a guard evidently until Ciro found his way to Underside, where he joined the party after a successful roll.


Druid's Bulwark raises a persistent shield of five glowing orbs on Al or one of his allies. Each orb provides 1 Damage Resistance for a cumulative total of 5 Damage Resistance. However, each point of damage taken when the shield is active destroys one of the s, decreasing damage resistance. This spell can be further enhanced with additional SP to either make the Bulwarks deal elemental damage on hit or explode violently when all five are destroyed.

Soul Star[]

His Soul Star is the Illborn Exchange, which serves the purpose of extracting an essence from an Illborn, reducing the Illborn to nothing but a corpse. It can also revive a dead illborn, given the essence is recovered. His Second Shift is a whip which deals 1d4 damage at both melee and med range. It also has an ability named "Last Seraphim's Lifeline", which has an unknown function.

Relations with the Angels[]

Al would appear to have some sort of allegiance to or agreement with the angels. In a flashback sequence, it was shown that Al entered a prison in the Kingdom of Haria, presumably the Warrens, from which he heard a cry for help, which is thought to be from the Last Seraphim. In adiition, the secondary ability of his Second Shift is Last Seraphim's Lifeline, strengthening the connection. In addition, one of his rubrics is Last, which Dark-locks his skills. When he entered the cleared DL2 alone with the Last rubric, he met Betweenford, who greeted him as though they were allies.


  • According to FFS, Al was originally not going to be a character in any way, and was instead going to be a generic NPC.