Angels are a race of immortal beings, which feed off of the Souls(and possibly flesh) of other creatures. They appear humanoid, without mouths or other facial features; but can turn monstrous in nature, revealing many teeth, and a "jaw" which extend the full circumfrence of their circular heads.


The Seraphim were a sub-race of Angels, gargantuan in size, and in appetite;they created the inital dungeon which has become the Warrens. They command the Cherubs, which are their servants, and "brothers".

They were nearly all slain by Oric, and his Hammer; seeing as they tried to trick Oric into creating a system which would give them near infinite, and sustainable amounts of "food". However, there is one Seraph left, dubbed the Last Seraphim; which gave away it's freedom, and the freedom of the Cherubs, in exchange of being able to live. Oric then made it the conduit for any and all Souls which will enter his newly inherited dungeon. The Last Seraphim was referred to as "The Devil Herself" by Cain, and has a "1000 yard throat".

The Last Seraphim is currently theorized to be the OverSoul, due to the Seraph most likely needing a Warden for it's imprisonment; and is most likely dwelling in the Void.


Cherubs are another sub-race of Angels, humanoid in size, they interact with the dungeon itself.

They were once servants of the Seraphim; but since the slaughter of the Seraphim, they have become the Servants of Oric, bending to his every whim. Most Cherubs would not want to rebel against Oric, due to what happened to their gargantuan brothren.

After the acquisition of the Dungeon by Oric, the Cherubs have been designated to keep mostly behind the scenes, and keep the cycles runnin.

The Cherubs seen thus far:

  • Betweenford - Warden, Watcher of the Watch, Keeper of the Keep.
  • Newford - Warden-in-Training, Future Watcher-of-the-Watch
  • Circuitrix - Path-Maker, makes Circuitways(shortcuts)
  • Spira - Unknown Purpose, Oric's assistant.
  • !!!!(Winged Angel) - Unknown Purpose, wants rebellion
  • ????(Tried to Stop !!!!) - Unknown Purpose


  • Riltia's (w)Illborn design was likely inspired by the design of the Angels; likely from her being the Sister Seraph
  • Spira's design was partially recycled from an Older Oric design
  • !!!! was intended to originally have been Oric, but was laer scrapped