Betweenford is the first Angel seen throughout the Warrens. He was first encountered by Ciro and Riltia when they decided to use the ladder to enter the Void

He tends to rhyme and idolizes Oric, even going so far ascalling Oric the inspiration for his creative rhymes.

He is currently training Newford to be the next Warden of the Oversoul, who will seemingly replace either him or Oric as being the Warden. As was told by Newford, Betweenford is destined to die at the hands of the angels' new King.


During combat, did not bleed and suffered 19 damage, it is theorized he will suffer massive more quantities, and described the heros damage as nothing more than a nuisance. He gave our Party the Skill Tree after "defeating" him.

He can use the skills Umbral Rend, Ebony Blaster, as well as an unnamed skill which makes him create copies of himself.