Cain-Sinful Seraph
Class Dark Guardian
TierZero Unknown Order- See Skill Header
TierOne Unknown
Soul Star Unknown

Cain is the Second Sinister Sibling of Oric the Awesome, also known as the Rebel, as well as the POV character of the Sinful intermission. He is imprisoned on DL3, where the anti-magic field and some apparently magic chains keep him in check. His Soul Star has been taken by Oric, which both weakened him and fueled his hatred for the latter.

When Ciro and her party encounter him, he offers them some exposition, and tells them to leave towards DL4 without a fight.


Cain is a truly unpleasant character. His favorite pastime appears to be murder, especially that of siblings. Even when trapped on DL3, he threatens to kill anybody who dares to come into his reach, or otherwise casually talks about killing them in a gruesome manner. That being said, he isn't outright aggressive and makes no attempts to attack anybody we've seen him encounter.
For lack of alternatives, he keeps himself entertained by talking to, and subsequently trolling, the other Siblings. His favorite target is Ecco, whose haughtiness and gullibility make it easy for Cain to get a reaction out of him. During those occasions where the power is down in his room, he has engaged in a Dance Battle at least once, implying that he enjoys forms of entertainment that don't come at others' explense.
Cain is the least formal of the Siblings. He frequently employs slang, which enrages Ecco (and by extension, amuses Cain).


Cain doesn't like anybody, from what is seen. His attitude towards others appears to be homicidal apathy at best, and murderous rage at worst.
He harbours some particular animosity towards Oric, for imprisoning him and taking his Soul Star (an act for which Cain only refers to Oric as "the Thief"), to the point of refusing an anti-anti-magic potion that Ciro had previously purchased at Oric's shop.
He frequently talks to Proxxy, Ecco, and Floe, but does so solely for information and amusement as he trolls them.
He's indifferent to Ciro, bordering on helpful, but is barely acquainted to her otherwise.
He hasn't ever met the remaining Sibling, or otherwise knows about them.
He has some type of backstory with Al, who claims to know Cain's brother (who is theorized to be the Chief).


  • Cain's name is a reference to the biblical character of the same name, who is infamous for killing his brother. Interestingly enough, Cain's (non-sinister) brother is implied to be still alive. It is also worth noting that he was named before his Sibling-slaying tendencies were known.