Cherish is the third party member aquired, and the second from the underside. She is the real owner of Al's Crib, where they lived before Ciro met Al. Cherish was recruited to the party by Al initially, and after a solo adventure she switched perspective to Ciro. Cherish was not seen again until DL2, where Ciro captured her and held her hostage.


Something about being adopted by foster dad Al, actual name is Cwenhild. Lived in the Underside, and used to be the third child of a bunch of peasants.


Heal is one of the most used skills in the game, being used to convert infinite SP from the water fountains into HP. Cherish is able to cast it on herself automatically if she would lose enough health to die, making her theoretically one of the tankiest characters. This has not been tested. She also has Wish, allowing her to buff teammates for a random duration. This is a deviation from her class template, which suggests that she should have something called Panacea instead.

Soul StarEdit

Cherish owns the Asynchronity Catalyst, the purpose of which is still very unclear. It's second shifted form is that of a mace, which deals 1d4 earth damage, and has the Heal secondary effect.

Proxxy's MinionEdit

After discovering Al's identity as a monster when he killed Wilford and turned Riltia into a monster, Cherish fled from Riltia taking Circuitrix's advice, and discovered herself in DL2, where she was comforted by and recruited by Proxxy, one of the Six Sinister Siblings of Oric The Awesome. When Ciro discovered Cherish on DL2, she was using a headset to communicate with Proxxy, and calling her Master.