Floe, alternatively named Auntie, is one of the Six Sinister Siblings of Oric The Awesome. She is the Eye, and presumably has some function relating to surveilance of the Warrens. Why she calls herself Auntie is currently unknown. She speaks with a Southern accent, occassional techo-babble, and dresses in all blue, with a blue scarf. She's seen often with a blue rifle, powerful enough to kill a RiltiaBot in a single hit, and it's thought that this is her Second Shift. She's only been seenconversing with someone who isn't in the party on one occasion, appearing with Betweenford in Underside. Her Hub has been stumbled across in Underside, with the entrance found inside a house in the Underside Residential District. She evidently knows Al, and invented him to a frou-frou party at her house. After tunneling into her house, it was found to be a trap, with a banner reading "Welcome to your demise". The only things found inside are a pile of Stream Rubies, an ice-themed spear, a flask, a cleaning robot, and Floe's rifle. 

She was first seen looking for the Greens, to supposedly do something about the power outtage; which is a strange alibi, considering Proxxy, the Mechanic, had already seemed to fix it. Her search for the Greens was futile however, as she couldn't find it, even with the simple directions that lead directly to it . Presumably there must be a reason for her not either being able to read, or not being allowed into the Greens, that reason being unknown.

She had also been seen in a Minus flashback; Where Minus had pushed Floe into a pool of Acid, claiming that her death would "Set me free" and that her death was "Always meant to be", an allusion to the Cycles.