Proxxy, and her unique way of speaking.

Proxxy: The Mechanic

(Servant Seraph)

Class Electric Guardian
TierZero Active:ZAP!!!- Zaps Target

Passive:+5 Persuasion to Mechanical Constructs

TierOne Active:Flash Step

Passive:Electric attacks are not affected by position penalties

TierTwo Active:Gold Screen Of Death

Passive:Move two ranges for the price of one

TierThree Unknown
Soul Star Ardent Circuit- Unknown Function
Second Shift Ardent Circuit- Unknown Weapon
Proxxy is one of the Six Sinister Siblings of Oric. She is the Mechanic, and carries an as of yet unnamed soulstar, assumed to be the Ardent Circuit mentioned in the reward for Theorycrafting Contest #3, with no known use. Her floor is DL2. She controls the Searchbots, and most of the mechanical beings that have been encountered so far. She's electrically themed, and often interjects snippets of code into her speech. She was the first person Tactical Diplomacy was used on, and ended up joining the party. She also comforted Cherish after she was chased by Rillborn, and Proxxy took her on as an apprentice.


Proxxy wields the Zap ability. It normally deals 1d6 electric damage for 2 SP, but can be upgraded to deal 2d6 and 3d6 damage for 6 and 10 SP respectively.

She also has the Proxxy coil. It deals 1d4 electric damage, and for no cost can activate "Magnetic Grip", which presumably prevents her from being disarmed. She also has the Technomantic Visor, which reflects electric damage.