The Wiki of Oric the Awesome
Class Glass Guardian
TierZero Locking Glass
TierOne Unknown
Soul Star Reverent Saviour

Riltia is the first party member found in the Warrens, aside from Ciro himself. She is implied to be one of the Six Sinister Siblings of Oric The Awesome. When first met, she claimed to be new to the Warrens and said she worked for Oric


She tends to be somewhat headstrong, and somewhat unintelligent. She is close to Ciro, possibly because of their subconscious sibling relationship. Aside from this, she primarily acts as a blank-slate character.


Other than Locking Glass, she is capable of using Dumb Fighter Strength, giving her a bonus to strength-related shenanigans.


During Chapter Two, Rilitia falls into acid and dies. However, the Reverent Savior is tampered with by an unknown seraph, and she comes back as a Willborn, nicknamed Rillborn by the fans. She was eventually returned to normal by Oversoul Ciro transferring Soul Charge into her.

Soul Star[]

Riltia's Soul Star is the Reverent Savior, but it has as yet in the series never been in her possession. As such, its abilities are unknown.