Class Ghost Paladin
TierZero Active:Phase Step- Unknown

Passive: Automatically casts Phase Step when using a melee attack at Long range

TierOne Active: Haunt Weapon- Unknown

Passive: Automatically casts Phase Step when using a Long attack at Melee range

TierTwo Active: Haunt Armor-Unknow

Passive: Haunt Armor and Weapon will obey commands

TierThree Unknown
Soul Star Unknown
Second Shift Unkown

Ripriver is the Prince of the Skyship Serabela, which has since become DL4. His skin appears to be wooden, with pink skin. In addition, his feet are disconnected from his legs, and he floats above the ground. Notably, he doesn't have SP, but rather has Fury. It's unknown how he gains Fury. On one occasion, we've seen another of his race for a single frame, the Ghost being bulkier and grey; the Valkyries on DL4 bear a strong resemblance to him. He was found and recruited in a chest found on DL3

Skills and EquipmentEdit

Ripriver only has one skill: FURIOUS FORM, which gives him 1d [Current Fury] armor. His weapon is the Princely Rod, which only deals 1d4 damage (Which is equal to unarmed damage), but has the ability to focus and perform the ritual FURIOUS TURBULENCE. This takes three turns, including the one it was a activated on and the one it's cast on, and appears to deal 3d(6+1) damage. Note that the type of the dice roll may be larger, since we've only seen it cast once, and 6 was the highest number rolled.