Class Blorble Apprentice
TierZero Active:Frizz 1d4+2 fire damage

Passive:+1 to Tier of Dark Cathedral result when placed in first slot.

TierOne Unknown
Soul Star Illborn;Essence of Slime
Second Shift N/A

Slog, in essence is one of the most useless party members acquired during the adventure. Nevertheless, a surprising fraction of the community has had nothing but heartache and longing for this lovably useless character.

His backstory is also that of a tragic one. Having to have spent most of his natural life as a vagrant, living day to day off the scraps he was given, or what he had stolen. Many a Red Slime had rejected his romantic advances, leaving him filled with sorrow and hunger. It was because of this Hunger he had ventured into a traveler's sack,and fallen into the Warrens, only to encounter the process of Illbirth.

Slog was first found as a mercenary in Underside, and recruited using a Mushroom. However, this did not consume the item, and it was later used on Slog to trigger Not-Hungry slog.


He posesses the singular skill Frizz, which can deal 1d4+2 Fire damage. However, he has been known to cast this spell and cause nothing more than pretty lights; this failure to use actions and MP in a useful manner is among the reasons he is considered to be useless.